Multi-purpose load carriers will adapt to suit job in hand

19 December 1997

Multi-purpose load carriers will adapt to suit job in hand

By Andy Collings

GERMAN machinery manufacturer Holmer is set to produce a multi-purpose load-carrying vehicle which, when equipped with a suitable demountable body, can be used for such tasks as slurry injection, sugar beet transportation, and fertiliser or muck spreading.

The Terra Variant is no mean machine. Powered by a 428hp Daimler Benz engine, transmission comprises a 12 x 4 powershift box driving through to both axles.

Overall length is 9.1m (30ft) and width, when equipped with TerraTires is 3m (10ft). Four-wheel steering provides a degree of manoeuvrability, with the manufacturer claiming an inner turning radius of 4.8m (16ft).

The Terra Variants steering system can be set as manual – with the front wheels in operation and the rear being steered using a separate lever, or as automatic for four-wheel steer and crab steer. The crab mode allows the rear wheels to travel on different tracks to the front wheels.

If specified, the vehicle can be equipped with a Cat 3, three-point linkage and a rear pto.

Due to be available in the UK later next year through Holmer importer Standen Reflex, prices have yet to be announced. &#42

Schematic view of the Holmer Terra Variant multi-purpose load carrier.

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