Murdered farmer kneeling when shot?

04 September 1998

Murdered farmer kneeling when shot?

A MURDERED farmer may have been kneeling when he was shot, a pathologist told the High Court in Glasgow yesterday. The pathologist also suggested the farmers wife, who was also murdered, could have been crouching when she was killed.

The pathologist made the suggestions after examining the entry and exit wounds of the bullets in the bodies of Mr Roddy Aitken and his wife Anne Marie.

Mr Iain Meikleham and Mr John Parker are on trial for the murder, which is alleged to have taken place at Mr Meiklehams farm, Little Blairlusk, near Gartocharn. The bodies are also alleged to have been transported to Mr Parkers farm at Crosbie Mews, West Kilbride, where they were buried and burned.

Mr Meikleham also denies smuggling cannabis from Spain into Scotland. Both of the accused deny being involved in the supply of cannabis and amphetamine.

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