Naff raffle that isnt, and everybody wins

31 August 2001

Naff raffle that isnt, and everybody wins

I HAVE often wondered about the "Naff" raffle that the Wilts and Glos group occasionally have at their meetings.

Well after my recent visit I can assure you that there is nothing "naff" about it. Everyone at the meeting took a prize and each one of us bought a raffle ticket and we all ended up taking something home. I was very fortunate in acquiring a timer which has already come in very useful whilst timing the blanching of home-grown vegetables.

It was such a perfect afternoon at Joy Howells beautiful garden, quite amazing really as it had started off badly for me. First of all I almost got the car stuck in a ditch. Then, walking in some lush, long grass in a very unsuitable pair of sandals I had staggered and fallen over. Luckily I had a soft landing but poor Joy must have thought that it wasnt just the grass that was lush.

I hadnt spent the morning in the pub but had actually spent time in Cirencester Parish Church as this is to be the venue for this years carol service. Dec 3 is a long way off I know, but the way time flies its as well to put it in your diaries now.

Joys grandchildren, Harriet and Jacob from Shropshire, were staying for a week so were given the job of car park attendants and for their kind attention they were taken for a swim before returning to see if any of the contribution tea goodies were left over – luckily there were.

Jean Howells

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