New Herkules works on-land or in-furrow

24 March 2000

New Herkules works on-land or in-furrow

VOGEL and Noots range of ploughs now includes a new version of its Herkules 1000 semi-mounted plough which, says the company, is designed to match the high horsepower of wheeled and tracked tractors, but has the ability to work behind smaller tractors if required.

An articulated link connecting the beam to the headstock allows the plough to be set up for on-land or in-furrow operation. This ability, claims the manufacturer, allows a smaller tractor to be used for in-furrow work should the main, on-land, ploughing tractor be needed for other operations.

Features of the six- to nine- furrow Herkules 1000 includes an articulated beam, which allows ground undulations to be followed for an even working depth, and a twin-wheeled carriage to provide support and depth control.

Much of the turn over sequence is automated through use of mechanical hydraulic valve switching. The rear set of bodies can be set to lift and lower in sequence with the rest of the plough as work is entered or exited on the headlands. Furrow widths are adjustable in four steps from 14in to 19in.

Price of six-furrow version of the Herkules 1000 with shear bolt leg protection is £30,995, while a nine-furrow with Hydro-ST auto-reset is listed at £39,425. &#42

On-land or in-furrow ploughing is possible with Vogel and Noots new Herkules 1000 semi-mounted plough. Furrow widths can be adjusted from 14in to 19in.

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