New radial tyre has longer life

28 March 1997

New radial tyre has longer life

LATEST tyre development from Kleber is claimed to improve traction, have a longer life and a higher weight-carrying capacity.

The Traker – a new radial drive axle tyre – features deep angled lugs with, the manufacturer claims, the optimum number and shape of tread bars.

Initially the new tyre will be available in four sizes: 340/85 R 24, 380/85 R 28, 420/85 R 34 and 460/85 R 38 (note the new millimetric size designations). Further sizes are to be added during the year to replace the companys Super 8 and Super 9 ranges.

Klebers Traker radial tyre. Long life, good traction and high carrying capacity are claimed to number among its features.

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