17 May 2002


After an almost show-free

season last year, Grassland

2002 promises to be

something of a new

products bonanza.

Geoff Ashcroft previews

some of the new kit you can

expect to see at the event

THOSE expecting to see the latest in grass harvesting technology should not be disappointed with a day at Grassland 2002 as manufacturers prepare to introduce a host of new products.

Just about every machinery maker in attendance will be revealing something of interest for those of a mechanical disposition. And, for the first time, a special muck demonstration is scheduled as part of the Grassland event after the cancellation of Muck 2001.

Bernard Krone UK, a division of Amazone, will introduce the Big X self-propelled forage harvester to the UK market. With a colossal 780hp provided by a V12 Mercedes engine, it is claimed to be the most powerful forager in the world. Work rates of 10ha/hour (25 acres) are said to be possible.

Those looking for more modest capacity might consider the "smaller" 700hp and 605hp versions.

Krone will also introduce its latest generation of Titan self-loading forage wagons, which offer chop lengths of about 40mm. The firm says that used with a front-mounted mower, the forage wagon can be used in zero-grazing systems.

John Deere will use Grassland to demonstrate new machines launched earlier in the year including the 131 and 331 mower-conditioners, 582 variable chamber round baler with a 2m-wide pre-cutter, 568 and 578 fixed chamber round balers and the 678 wrapping baler.

Finnish tractor maker Valtra will be showing its latest Eco power version, the 105hp, four-cylinder 6750 and the range topping S series. In TwinTrac reverse drive mode, the S series will be demonstrated with a Claas triple mower system.

Claas will reveal its new Disco 8550C Plus triple mower at Grassland, offering a working width of 8.3m and the potential to mow about 8ha/hour. It can be used either in a front/rear combination on a tractor or as a single mowing unit on a reverse-drive tractor.

The new Disco mower features Claas QKC (Quick Knife Change) system, which uses a spring leaf to hold blades on the disc, instead of a bolt. This ensures that blades can be quickly and simply changed without using tools.

Heavy duty Rollant fixed chamber and Variant variable chamber round balers from Claas will also make their first working appearances at Grassland, along with the Rollant Uniwrap round baler with integral wrapper.

Norwegian firm Kverneland will be using the event to show many new products from its Taarup and Vicon grass machinery stables.

The Taarup plot will be showing the firms widest trailed mower, the 6m wide 4062C, which has the ability to put two 6m swaths side by side. And if that isnt enough capacity, then the Taarup mower range will be complemented by the 5090 Butterfly – a front and rear triple mower combination that offers a working width of 9m.

Among other Taarup new products will be a high speed version of the T8 round bale wrapper, and the twin rotor 9075C rake, which slots into the range between existing 6.3m and 8.5m wide models.

Over on the Kverneland Groups Vicon plot, high capacity raking is catered for with the introduction of the Andex 1503 four-rotor rake said to offer work rates of more than 17ha/hour.

Designed to put five 3m swaths into one, the rake features a variable working width from 11-15m, and an adjustable central swath width from 1.2-2.5m.

Vicon will also be showing a triple mower combination called the DMP9001. With a working width of 9m, it uses a front-mounted Vicon FMT3000 disc mower conditioner in combination with two rear-mounted KMT3001 disc mower conditioners.

Output potential is said to be about 10ha/hour, using a 190hp tractor.

McCormick Tractors is set to preview a range of compact tractors at Grassland, aimed at small stock farmers who need a productive and manoeuvrable tractor.

With power output from 54-93hp, the range will be represented by the 78hp F80. The machine will be demonstrated on bale handling duties with a Quicke loader. Transmission options include 12×12 and 24×24 synchro shuttles, or XtraShift three-speed powershift with power shuttle. The companys LB series big square balers will also make their working debut at Grassland.

High capacity Fella mowers, swathers and balers, designed for contractors and large-scale grassland farmers will be launched by Rustons Engineering Co (RECO) at Grassland.

The SM900 and SM1100 models both use a combination of single front mower and two rear mounted models on a folding frame. The 9m and 11m working widths are catered for using either 3m or 4m wide, rear mowing units.

The Fella TS4000 offers an adjustable working width from 10.6m to 12.5m and is designed for gathering four 3.2m swaths into a single row. In addition, RECO will be showing the new RB3300 Gallignani round baler. Developed for use in silage, hay and straw, the machine uses a combination of rollers, chains and slats. A 25-knife chopping system and net or twine tying systems can be used.

Kuhn Farm Machinery is to enter the four-rotor rake sector at Grassland with the GA15021 – a machine that offers an adjustable working width from 13.5m to 14.7m.

The hydrostatically powered rake has electronic in-cab controls and delivers a central swath that can be varied between 1.5m and 2.4m.

The firms first triple mower combinations will complement the GA four-rotor rake and are called the FC 813 and FC 883. With working widths of 8.1m and 8.3m, respectively, both versions use Kuhns new FC 313F front-mounted mower conditioner. With output potential said to be about 10ha/hour, the Kuhn FC triples fold to a 3m width for transport.

Lely will be using Grassland to launch its 3.2m trailed mower conditioner the Splendimo 321PC. Equipped with an eight-disc cutter bed, the 321PC also offers plastic conditioner fingers, which combine with an adjustable deflector plate for swath variation. The firm will also introduce the Hibiscus Vario, a rake that offers an adjustable working width from 6.5m to 7.5m and a variable swath width from 0.9m to 1.95m.

The Grassland event will also provide a chance to show new net wrap products.

Farmers Formula e2e net wrap from Steve Orr of Dromore, Co Down, in Northern Ireland, has been developed to deliver optimum performance in any baling application, says the firm.

Farmers e2e offers a full net spread from each edge of the bale and a net length of 3000m a roll, at the standard spread width of 1.23m.

TamaNets new CoverEdge net wrap system for John Deere round balers is the result of a collaborative development by Tama and Deere. Supplied by UAT of Alton, Hants, it spreads over the edge and down the side of the bale by about 100mm offering extra protection to the most vulnerable area of the bale.

UAT will also introduce Winner net wrap from Italian maker Novatex. A new manufacturing process allows the roll to be 100m longer, at 3100m, without affecting the overall diameter. Produced with green, white and red stripes (the national colours of Italy), the colouring is said to help ensure correct loading of the roll and also unwrapping of the bale when feeding.

Opico will use the event to show new electric versions of its Air 8 and Air 16 pneumatic seeders – machines developed for reseeding and over-seeding tasks. The electric versions allow on-the-move adjustment of seed rates and continuous monitoring of seed distribution.

Those taking a stroll through the muck section should look out for Ag-Chems lightweight polyester manure tank for its Terra Gator 2104, while Rolland Trailers will reveal its new TCE composting spreader.

Belgian firm Joskin will be introducing two new systems at the event, including Variax hydraulically adjustable running gear and Airplus, a trailer suspension system.

Teagle Machinery will be showing its LeBoulch built rear discharge spreaders, a range that was due to be launched at Muck 2001.

Other new products to be found at the Grassland events muck demonstration site include K-Two Sales 12t Duo vertical beater spreader, Reed UKs Duport 9200-litre slurry tanker and the 2750 Dual slurry and manure spreader from Harry West, which offers a spread width of up to 21m. &#42

Titan self-loading forage wagon from Krone.

Valmet will be showing its latest four-cylinder 105hp tractor, the 6750.

Claas Uniwrap round baler and wrapper combination.

Vicon Andex 1503 four-rotor rake gives work rates of more than 17ha/hour.

UATs Winner net wrap from Italian maker Novatex.

Lelys 3.2m trailed mower conditioner the Splendimo 321PC.

McCormick will be showing a new range of compact tractors and big square balers.

Opico 12m grass harrow fitted with an Air 16 electronic seeder.

Above: TamaNets new CoverEdge net wrap system for John Deere round balers. Top right: Reed UK will be showing the Doppstadt systems tractor and Duport slurry tanker. Right: Welger baler/Gowiel wrapper combination.

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