No glamour here

5 December 1997

No glamour here

SINCE the clocks went back I have found myself driving mostly in the dark, so it was lovely to be welcomed by a blazing log fire at Ray and Peggy Nicholss farm on my visit to Warwickshire FWC.

Before their annual charity lunch the group was entertained by Gillian Andrews who shattered any illusion of glamour in telling tales of life behind and in front of the television camera. Early mornings, late nights, standing around in extreme heat or cold and numerous shots to get a picture right are part and parcel of actors lives.

Warwickshires contact leader Heather Brightman has decided to stand down from her role. Many thanks to her for all her hard work, with no glamour involved here either!

In the afternoon I nipped over the border into Leicestershire to the home of Jean Mills for that clubs afternoon meeting. The speaker was another lady whod had a "glamorous" job as one of the first air hostesses for Derby Airways, now British Midland. She told us of the early days of flight when it took seven hours to fly to Majorca with fuel stops on the way. The hostesses were responsible for making up the lunch boxes for passengers and, spending that much time with them, really got to know people – a bit different from todays jumbo jets and fast delivery of food and drinks.

My journey home, in daylight this time, took me off the accident-ridden M1 and on to the A4146. What a delight to drive through the Bedfordshire countryside. I felt Id gone back to the 1960s, there was so little traffic.

Jean Howells

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