No need to unload pigs on the move?

5 September 1997

No need to unload pigs on the move?

EU is considering allowing breeding pigs to remain on lorries for the compulsory rest period during transport, it was revealed this week at the British Pig Associations agm in London.

This would be an alternative to the plan criticised by industry to off-load stock into foreign staging posts during the journey across Europe.

BPA is concerned the loading and unloading of pigs would cause unnecessary stress, risk the spread of disease from commerical animals and put the UKs £25m export trade at risk.

But extra standards and operating conditions would be required not to unload pigs. These include increasing space allowance by 40%, increasing the height of each compartment, mechanically assisted ventilation systems, interior heaters – plus the provision of shelter under which the lorry can park.

BPA chief executive Grenville Welsh said that he would be working with MAFF and breeding organsiations to lesson the impact of these restrictions.n

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