No show, but issues remain

5 December 1997

No show, but issues remain

Welcome to Smithfield in Print. Heres a new platform to discuss the latest developments in the livestock and machinery industries. Denied a traditional Royal Smithfield Show, we believe it is important to provide the means by which leading experts can communicate key ideas about important issues of the day.

Although the past year has not been an easy one for UK agriculture, it was nevertheless more manageable than some producers feared that it would be 12 months ago.

Whatever the future holds for UK agriculture, there can be no doubt that harnessing the latest management ideas and practical technologies will be essential if farmers are to compete successfully in the increasingly competitive markets both at home and abroad.

To help farmers weekly readers meet the challenges that lie ahead we have produced Smithfield in Print, which contains a mixture of topical articles focusing on the key livestock machinery and management issues normally discussed at Londons premier indoor farming event.

Meanwhile, dont forget to make an early date in next years diary for the 1998 Royal Smithfield Show to be held at Earls Court, London, between Nov 29 and Dec 2.

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