No two days are ever the same

26 October 2001

No two days are ever the same

As farmers weekly launches its Next Generation Survey, Tim Relf asks a

cross-section of young people from the countryside about their jobs

Geoff Thompson, 23

Im a farmer. I love it – its what Id like to do for the rest of my life if I can. If things dont improve, however, I might have to do something else for a while to prop up my income while farming on a part-time basis then go back into it full-time at a later stage. I love being outside in beautiful surroundings. Its hard work but pleasing, fulfilling and never repetitive. No two days are ever the same.

Emma Wozencraft, 22

"Im a staff nurse and student midwife. A lot of people wouldnt want to do my job but I find it completely satisfying. Seeing people get better is so rewarding. Its lovely caring for people and its great meeting and forming relationships with them. We do unsociable hours but the hours in farming are completely unsociable. I couldnt be a farmer. As for why I want to do midwifery, Im not exactly sure – I always loved lambing, maybe it comes from there. Im sure midwifery will be fantastic."

Jonathan Long, 23

"Im an assistant auctioneer for Rendells in Devon. Auctioneering is an enjoyable job. I like the people I work with, theyre my type of people. The best thing about the job is dealing with people and the satisfaction you get from keeping customers happy. The downside is probably the lack of flexibility that comes from not being your own boss. If youre farming you can work exactly the hours you choose to work. That said, this is a reliable source of income, which isnt necessarily the case in farming at the moment."

Katherine Ford, 24,

"I work for the International Racing Bureau based in Paris. Ive always had horses – while my brothers were looking after the farm animals, I was looking after the horses. I studied languages and always said Id like to get a job with horses and languages – people thought I was mad. But Ive been here six months and it is very varied. I get paid for what I like to do anyway – go to the races and follow the horses."

Huw Condron, 27

"Im a self-employed farming contractor based in mid-Wales. I love the work. I enjoy being in the countryside – I couldnt be sat behind a desk. I tried it and couldnt do it. Its not the securest job in the world, but I enjoy the freedom. Im working away from home a lot. You have to go where the work is. Maybe one day Ill rent my own place – but if I did, Id have to carry on with this to support it."

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