North harvest hell

13 October 2000

North harvest hell

ATROCIOUS weather continues to dog attempts to finish harvest in the North and Scotland.

"It is down to pockets to clear now, but it is a desperate situation for those who have crops left," says Scottish NFU vice-president Peter Stewart.

The Borders and the far north-east are worst affected. But everywhere growers have had to take wheat at every opportunity and drying costs have been horrendous. For some, this harvest could be their last, says Mr Stewart. "We are going to see a real shake-out. I fear some wont survive." Big yields and good-quality spring barley are the only consolation in the area, he adds.

Many growers in Northumberland also have wheat left to cut, says ARCs northern regional manager David Robinson.

"Last week there were hundreds of fields of wheat left along the A1 north of Morpeth. Its more of a salvage operation now than anything else."

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