Now Scots to gun for Tesco

21 November 1997

Now Scots to gun for Tesco

THE newly formed Scottish Beef Council is to meet directors of Tesco next week to protest about imports of forequarter beef from Ireland. The move was announced by SBC Chairman John Cameron at the Scottish Winter Fair.

"There are very strong feelings about these imports, particularly among members of the Tesco beef clubs. We think we have a duty to make those feelings known to Tesco and to get an explanation of why they are importing fore quarter beef," said Mr Cameron, who had declined an invitation to have a joint news conference with the Scottish NFU.

The union then held its own meeting at which president Sandy Mole announced the formation of the "Scottish beef alliance", which would be a forum for all sectors of the industry. He said the Scottish beef council would be invited to join but did not give any further details.

Mr Mole said he had no early meetings planned with any supermarket, and vice-president George Lyon said that imports were a fact of life.

"Until BSE we were major exporters. The Irish are now doing to us what we used to do to them," Mr Lyon said.

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