Oilseed meal values climbing

By FWi staff

EARLIER predictions by traders were confirmed this week as oilseed meal values climbed to new levels.

Home produced rapemeal climbed £8 in two days over the week to £107/t following news that one of the main crushers had sold all its product for the entire year, said David Clark of KW Alternative Feeds.

“I cant see it getting any cheaper; it can only go up.”

Although shippers are bringing in cheaper material, by the time haulage is added its the same price, said Mr Clark.

In an otherwise stable week soya-bean meal hi-pro rose £3 to £146/t.

Farmers should be looking at buying now, warned Mr Clark. “Delivery days are rapidly running out before Christmas.

“If farmers phone a week before they could be disappointed.”

For pre-Christmas deliveries orders should be made before the end of next week, said Mr Clark.

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