Old spring wheat variety does well

30 August 2001

Old spring wheat variety does well

HARVEST is over at Bedfordia Farms, at Milton Ernest in Bedfordshire. Arable manager Bob Green says wheat yields have been slightly below average.

Spark spring wheat has been very pleasing and has reached class one milling standard. The first wheat has yielded 8.5t/ha (3.4t/acre).

“Every tonne of 1400t has reached class one spec. The hagberg is all above 300 and the variety is disease resistant. Even though it is outclassed it still beats Malacca on the farm every time.”

Malacca has yielded 9.1t/ha (3.7t/acre) on first crop and 7.25t/ha (2.9t/acre) on December drilled second crop. “Although the Hagbergs have held on well, it has been a bit low on protein.”

Second crop Consort has yielded 8.5t/ha (3.4t/acre) and Claire has yielded 9t/ha (3.6t/acre). “Wed normally expect 10t/ha (4t/acre) on first crops and 9t/ha (3.6t/acre) on second crops.”

“My overall impression is that the wheat crops struggled to make efficient use of fertilizer. Where they have rooted the crop has done better.”

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