8 June 2001


TENDAI Tsanga, a student from Zimbabwe who has become well known among the farming fraternity during his three-year BSc (Agriculture) course at Myerscough College, Lancs is about to set off on a 2000-mile cycle ride through East Africa to continue his fund raising efforts for the charity Farm Africa.

Tendai (pictured here) returns to Africa this summer to visit his mother and four younger brothers at Rusape, close to the Zimbabwe border with Mozambique. But to raise cash for Farm Africa he will cycle home through Tanzania, Zambia and past Victoria Falls.

Last year he raised £1500 during a cycle ride from Lands End to John OGroats.

Tendai is involved with the Torch Bearer Trust based at Capernwray Hall, Carnforth, Lancashire and will use his qualifications to work with the Kumusha Project whose aim is to "share the gospel and feed the people" of eastern Zimbabwe.

In his home region, most of the farming is at subsistence level dominated by small areas of market gardens up to about 10-15 acres per family.

"No one has any deeds to their land. It is handed down from generation to generation. The people need to improve their farming and husbandry and to start co-operative marketing and growing of their produce," says Tendai. Money raised by his sponsored cycle ride – £250 has already been donated by Myerscough College – will go towards setting up an advisory centre in Zimbabwe to help local farmers.

Tendai will be returning to the UK in September to undertake a short course in religious studies at Capernwray Hall before flying back to Zimbabwe to begin working with village farming communities.

"There is a great deal to do to fight the poverty of eastern Zimbabwe. Much can be achieved through improving the existing crop husbandry and livestock management but there are also many new and exciting projects in which I hope to use the experience I have gained during my time spent at Myerscough College."

Jeremy Hunt

Donations to help Tendais fund raising ride should be sent to: Torch Bearer Trust (cheques payable to Torch Bearer Trust Fund), Capernwray Hall, Carnforth, Lancashire, LA6 1AG.

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