9 August 2002

Anglian barley jitters

CONCERNS are growing for rain-hit spring barleys in East Anglia, pre-germination and dormancy posing a severe risk to the quality of ready-to-harvest crops.

"After non-stop rain for the past three days the crop is now under severe threat," said CamGrains Phil Darke on Tuesday.

"It is a bit of a worry," agreed ADASs John Garstang. "There is a risk if it is not standing and with all this dark, wet weather dormancy could be increasing."

Drilling date seems to be driving pre-germination, early-Feb drilled crops having lost quality, while crops drilled in March and on heavier land were hanging on earlier this week.

"Growers are bringing samples in to check pre-germ to see which crops to cut. Some are already feed," said Mr Darke. &#42

Where pre-germination has been avoided Optic quality looks good, he added.


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