OP dip moratorium being considered

6 June 1997

OP dip moratorium being considered

FARM minister, Jack Cunningham, is considering a call for a moratorium on the use of organophosphate sheep dips made by environment minister, Michael Meacher, before the election.

In a letter to MP Paul Tyler, chairman of the all-party OP group, Dr Cunningham said he was also looking at all the reviews on OP sheep dips, and had asked the Royal College of Physicians and Psychiatrists to advise on those suffering from exposure.

Mr Tyler warned of the dangers of the issue becoming lost in Whitehall bureaucracy.

"Worryingly, this government is showing no signs of advancing the position that was assumed by its predecessor with respect to other OP pesticide products. It is clear that urgent action is required in order to halt the sale of all OP products until we have had time to conduct a thorough study of their impact on human health." &#42

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