Peat fertilisers cash guarantee

9 May 1997

Peat fertilisers cash guarantee

A NEW fertiliser made of peat extracts is claimed to be so effective that farmers willing to test the product will be refunded if it fails.

The fertiliser, developed by scientists in the former Soviet Union, is suitable for a range of arable and vegetable crops. It can be applied as a seed steep or as a foliar feed, says distributor Stamfordham of Newcastle upon Tyne.

If comparative trials do not show yields rise by at least 10%, director Michael Lewis will reimburse fertiliser and delivery costs to 20 farmers around York, and a further 10 around the country, willing to test market the product.

John Scarborough, who grows 40ha (100 acres) of potatoes at Lincoln Road Farm, Skellingthorpe, near Lincoln, found output rose 12-20% last season when he applied the new product in addition to his normal fertiliser programme.

As a foliar feed, a 1:20,000 solution should be applied at about 150 litres/ha, says Mr Lewis. Cost is expected to be from £10-50/ha (£4-£20/ acre), depending on crop, each season. Contact 01661-886219. &#42

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