Pig mens unfavourite retailer backs Labour conference

08 September 1998

Pig men’s unfavourite retailer backs Labour conference

THIS years Labour party conference is being sponsored by Somerfield – voted one of the supermarkets least supportive of the British pig industry in recent industry polls.

Admission passes worn by conference delegates will carry the Somerfield logo and a message from Somerfield boasting the £1bn it has spent on high street stores.

But, surveys by the British Pig Association and Compassion in World Farming showed that Somerfield did not apply a stall-and-tether-free policy to its bought-in products.

In addition the BPA said Somerfield performed less well than most of its competitors on labelling and identification of pigmeat products.

Somerfields sister company Kwik Save was the only supermarket (out of 12 canvassed) which refused to take part in the surveys.

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