Plant extracts pep up pig feed

14 November 1997

Plant extracts pep up pig feed

IMPROVE pig growth rates by 30% with SupPol 1220 – a feed supplement containing natural plant extracts, says supplier Natratec.

It cites trials at Walford College in Shropshire and Bishop Burton in East Yorkshire to show 28% and 31% improvements in growth rates. Because pigs use their feed more efficiently, time on the farm is reduced by 14 days.

Natratec suggests starting feeding the supplement from soon after weaning for a period of five weeks, which will allow the ingredients to start to work. It claims SupPol 1220 leaves no residues and has no withdrawal period.

It costs from £1.50 to £1.75 to treat each pig depending on age at the start of treatment (01691-610764).

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