President takes honours with Pimhill Holstein

28 June 2002

President takes honours with Pimhill Holstein

By Robert Davies Wales correspondent

THE renamed and revamped West Mid Show at Shrewsbury was very special for Shropshire cattle breeder Richard Mayall.

Not only was he the events president, he saw a Holstein cow from his 170-head Pimhill organic herd dominate dairy cattle classes and pick up the supreme interbreed championship cup he presented to the show in memory of his father Sam.

Pimhill Jed Dawn, a fourth calver which an American judge once placed 35th out of 36 because he thought she would not milk, was involved in winning six interbreed dairy awards for the herd he runs with his daughter Ginnie.

As a bonus, Jerseys from another herd they run with a business partner took the breeds championship and reserve.

In the beef competition, a Simmental cow, Miss MRL, imported from Canada with her bull calf at foot by Staffs breeder Roger Birch and two friends, proved unbeatable during judging of the interbreed championships.

The only one Miss MRL was not involved in winning was for exhibitor bred cattle, which went to her son Newtrend Dynasty. Having already taken interbreed supreme championships at Cheshire and Stafford Shows, Mr Birch and his friends completed a rare hat-trick at Shrewsbury.

As one of few shows to hold sheep classes this year, it attracted 850 entries. Hugh Veich the interbreed sheep judge travelled from Berwickshire to pick the best of them and after much deliberation he went for the stylish Kerry Hill champion. A ram exhibited by veteran showman Richard Powell and his wife Rosina. Mr Veich said the ram had tremendous showring presence and an exceptional back end.



Supreme R Mayall & Daughters Holstein Pimhill Jed Dawn; res, J S & &#42 Joness Ayrshire Hayford Patsy 16.

Pairs Holsteins; res, Ayrshires.

Holstein R Mayall & Daughters Pimhill Jed Dawn; res, Bromstead Hill Farms Helmcrest Jed Maria.

Ayrshire J S & &#42 Joness Hayford Patsy 16; res, J S & &#42 Joness Hayford Patsy 114.

Jersey R Mayall & Daughters Elton Sambo Chloe; res, R Mayall & Daughters Pimhill Jade Mulberry.


Interbreed Supreme R M Birchs Simmental cow Miss MRL; res, B M Robinsons Charolais cow Chamlees Sabrina.

Interbreed pairs Simmentals; res, Welsh Blacks.

Hereford D E Joness bull Dendor 1 Unicorn; res, A &#42 Bennetts heifer Longville Lindy Loo.

British Charolais B M Robinsons cow Chamlees Sabrina; res, C and J Turneys cow Hamilton Oolala.

Simmental R M Birchs cow Miss MRL; res, R M Birchs bull Newtrend Dynasty.

Belgian Blue A J Coppingers bull Midas Tremendous; res, D W & L E Morgans cow Ty Isaf Rhiwhelen.

South Devon R W Bostelmanns heifer Rufford SAS Igri; res, R W Bostelmanns bull Rufford SAS Red.

Longhorns L E Dixons cow Julaw Elderflower; res, J & Miss G Staniers heifer Southfiueld Bless.

Welsh Black R I Arrowsmiths bull Caerynwch Tywysog 6; res, G R & A D Janess cow Graig Goch Bet.

Other pure beef breeds W A Brooks cow Hampton Keri.


Interbreed supreme R & R Powells Kerry Hill ram; res, D F Daffurn & J Curtiss Charollais ewe.

Interbreed group of three R S & J A Gregorys Charollias; res, N E & J A Gibbss Texels.

Beltex D Bishops ewe; res, G & J Belcher & Sons ewe.

Charollais D F Daffurn & J Curtiss ewe; res, R S & J A Gregorys ram.

Combined Dorset Down and Hampshire M J McMinns Dorset shearling ewe; res, J L & S Daviess Hampshire ram lamb.

Jacob Mr & Mrs J L Embertons ewe; res, D J Prices lamb.

Kerry Hill R & R Powells ram; res, their shearling ram.

Lleyn S A Frosts shearling ewe; res, her ewe.

Ryeland M N Collinss ram; res, A G & J R Morgans shearling ram.

Shropshire M Farquhars ewe lamb; res, Mr & Mrs R B Higginss ewe.

Suffolk G M Owens shearling ram; res, &#42 W Francis & Sons shearling ewe.

Texel N E & J A Gibbss shearling ewe; res, A D Bishops ram lamb.

Greyface Dartmoors E A Dawsons ram; res, A J Roes ewe.

Primative breeds and Shetlands J M Brookss shearling ewe; res, J I Newbys ewe.

Any other pure breed B Brooks ewe; res, B Brooks ram. &#42

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