Preview of 2001

Euro v Dollar key to cereals this year

BY Christmas, trade estimates pointed to 1.8-2m tonnes of UK wheat having been exported, less than half the surplus.

Hopes of milk price rises for 2001

EXPECTATIONS of further rises on the raw milk price from January could be met, especially if milk supplies remain tight.

BSE boost to oilseeds may peter out

A SHARP reduction in oilseed rape output coupled with the BSE crisis on the Continent has helped boost prices this season. But further gains may be limited.

Frost crucial to spud crop in the ground

POTATO prices rallied almost 30/t in the last two months of 2000. Whether this trend will continue remains to be seen.

Beef shortfall expected in 2001

IT is both imports and Europe that look likely to be the biggest determinants on the UK market in 2001.

Slow recovery for pig business

FORECASTS for this year are for production to stabilise, but show a rise on the year in the last quarter.

2001 lamb values to hold

DESPITE a revision of the the number of lambs carried into 2001, the MLC points out that more lambs does not necessarily mean lower lamb values.

Fertilisers – 2001, a price oddity?

DOMESTIC fertiliser manufacturers have clearly set out their stall for 2001, saying “more of the same”. But will the new structured market hold and what will be the impact of our new reliance on imports?

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