19 November 1999


MORE rigorous monitoring of products under the UKASTA Forage Additive Approval Scheme is now in place.

Beefing-up product monitoring was driven by two main factors, says ADASs Alan Ashmore, who is involved in the monitoring process.

"We needed to increase producer confidence in products meeting the claims specified. Also, new procedures will ensure manufacturers are acting on a level playing field."

Recognising that product quality has improved in recent years, Mr Ashmore says it is still important to add rigour to the sampling procedure.

More samples will be taken by ADAS for product quality to ensure all active ingredients used in the testing phase are the same as those in commercial use.

Two samples will be taken each year from each product. The timings will also be better managed to ensure that the first test occurs before first cut silage and the next test prior to second cut, he adds.

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