Pto-drive pump good for starters

20 November 1998

Pto-drive pump good for starters

FIRST-TIME starting of slurry and fresh water pumps with conventional vacuum primers is an extremely unreliable operation, says Oakleys Spreadwise, as both the primer and the pump are driven by the tractor pto.

The companys solution to the problem is to separate the drives by taking the drive for its latest primer from the tractor hydraulics, enabling the engagement of the pto drive to the pump and its impeller to be delayed until the pump is fully primed.

This system, not only provides consistent first time starting, says Oakleys, but also eliminates another costly danger created through repeated false starts – running the pump dry.

The Spreadwise hydraulic primer and a Bauer pump lists at £4530; a retro fit primer kit £1260 (01743-264511).

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