Public ignorance

20 March 2001

Public ignorance

I HAVE just read a letter in our local newspaper concerning the foot-and-mouth outbreak. I cannot believe the ignorance of much of the public over these matters.

The author of the letter (who of course is a vegan) was
venting his anger over “having to give his hard-earned cash to tax-grabbing farmers”.

He then went on to say “so that I can be placed under town arrest for walking over public land”.

He carried on explaining to other no-better-informed members of the public that the outbreak is due to “wellies full of straw, who leave sows watching their piglets get eaten
by other swine in their metal cells”.

How ignorant are some people!

This problem is due to not enough being done to educate these people in the ways of agriculture today.

Until more money is spent on public relations, the industry is not going to improve.

I wonder what lies ahead for other students studying agriculture like myself.

Dan Dunning, Somerset

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