Quality good in Norfolk

26 July 2001

Quality good in Norfolk

GRAHAM Bunn, farm manager of Rotac Farms at Woodbastwick, Norfolk describes the start of harvest, “as better than we thought it would be.”

They have combined 80ha (200 acres)of Fanfare malting barley and hope to move onto 160ha (400 acres) Regina by next Tuesday.

“The nitrogen has varied between 1.48-1.65%, which is well within our contract of 1.75.”

The yield monitor in the combine is showing around 7t/ha (2.8t/acre), which is close to the five year average.

There are 3% screenings and the moisture is 14.5%, so he is pleased with the progress made.

So far they have been concentrating on the lighter land in the sandy loam area.

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