Quality good, yield poor

17 August 2001

Quality good, yield poor

ABOUT 50% of winter barley and oilseed rape have been combined in Northumberland, says Gary Bright of Northumberland Grain. “Its been stop-start for a while. Farmers want to get on.”

Yields on oilseed rape and barley have been below average. “For winter barley, yields are about 25% down on usual.” Quality has been quite good.

Average specific weight for 6000t is 66.5Kg/hl, with only 200t below 62Kg/hl. Siberia has yielded well when drilled early.

Spring barley has just begun, and he has seen a handful of samples. “Early drilled Chariot and Optic both have low screenings and nitrogen.

“It is likely that spring barley crops will yield better than winter barley. There are some fantastic looking crops.”

The weather has been a major concern, changing daily, “Yesterday [16 August] you would have needed a canoe to get to our drier. Today you could be sitting out there on a deck chair”

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