Quin: Germany boosts CAP reform

25 April 2001

Quin: Germany boosts CAP reform

By FWI staff

JUNIOR Agriculture minister Joyce Quin believes Germanys shift to greener farming has boosted British efforts to reform the Common Agricultural Policy.

Speaking before a meeting with EU counterparts on Tuesday (24 April), she suggested this could be a watershed in reform, reports The Times.

She said there was great interest in Germany for CAP reform and that this was without doubt a significant development.

Germany signalled a move a way from intensive farming with the appointment of Green Renate Könast last year.

She was given the portfolio for both farming and consumer protection following the mishandling of the countrys BSE crisis.

Germany is keen on reform because it is easily the biggest net contributor to the CAP.

Other reformers include Italy, Sweden and Denmark, and increasingly Holland. Opposition is led by France.


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