Rabes main base in hands of syndicate

9 March 2001

Rabes main base in hands of syndicate

By Andy Collings

RABES main manufacturing base at Bad Essen, Germany, has been taken over by a syndicate from the German Agricultural Trade.

The new company, which will trade as Rabe Agrarsysteme, is headed up by Wilhelm von Allworden. He says the acquisition will mean that the plants 180 employees can now look forward to a more promising future.

"We will do our utmost to carry forward the tradition of the Rabe trade name and foster existing dealer ties, both at home and in major European markets."

Rabes seed drill plant of the previous Rabe group in Bernburg was sold off last year to Austrian company Pottinger, although the associated patents are still held by Rabe in Bad Essen.

Mr von Allworden says he anticipates a close co-operation between Pottinger and Rabe Agrarsysteme to ensure the availability of the complete seed drill range in the familiar blue livery.

Negotiations by the syndicate to take over Rabewerk France are also reported to be taking place and a positive conclusion is said to be imminent. &#42

Wilhelm von Allworden now heads up Rabe Agrarsysteme following a syndicate take-over of the Rabe Bad Essen manufacturing plant.

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