RASE aims high for 02

12 October 2001

RASE aims high for 02

THE Royal Agricultural Society of England is determined to develop the Royal Show despite the £2m blow dealt to the organisations finances by foot-and-mouth.

RASE chief executive Mike Calvert explained the societys commitment to making its events programme fit the changing needs of 21st century agriculture.

"Five years from now we see food production remaining at the core of UK agriculture. But it will account for a smaller proportion of land use with farming skills being used to provide other goods and services," said Mr Calvert.

"In addition to food production, the Royal Show will now be more focused on the challenges those changes present and will remain at the heart of country life, addressing the needs of this new agriculture and helping to provide valuable answers for the future."

As a means of providing those information needs, next years Royal Show is to be re-organised around six key areas. Those are food production, rural business development, food show case, rural environment opportunities, country life style and equine.

Next years event will take place at the NAC, Stoneleigh on July 1-4.

* The conclusions of the RASEs survey, Land of Plenty – a vision for Rural Britain 2006 and beyond, will be delivered to the Policy Commission into Food and Farming, chaired by Sir Don Curry.

* The society asked 400 opinion farmers and organisations for their views about the future of farming and the countryside.

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