Record 510gns for Welsh gilt

9 May 1997

Record 510gns for Welsh gilt

THE highest price ever paid for a pig at Crewe market of 510gns was seen at the Crewe Assoaciation of Pedigree Pig Breeders Sale.

It came for a Welsh gilt, in-pig to a Large White boar, from Messrs I Jones, Monmouth. By Burghope James 1011th, was bought by D T and R Seabridge, Stafford.

A Large White in-pig gilt by a Crimwell sire from David Brock made 400gns to R G Rawlins, Tamworth. British Saddleback in-pig gilts reached 240gns.

AVERAGES: Landrace boars £245, gilts £203; crossbred gilts £352; Welsh boars £210, gilts £320; Large White boars £300, gilts £294. (Wright-Manley)n

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