Red diesel concession to end

26 September 2000

Red diesel concession to end

By FWi staff

SPECIAL arrangements allowing the use of red diesel as road fuel because of the fuel crisis are ending from midnight on 30 September.

HM Customs and Excise announced on Tuesday (26 September) that the special licences issued in the last few weeks will be withdrawn.

And from 1 October, it will become an offence for farmers to put red diesel into a vehicles tank for use on the road.

But the continued use of red diesel already in the tank of a licence-holders vehicle will be allowed, subject to checks.

The National Farmers Union, which pushed for the exceptional arrangements following requests from members unable to obtain DERV, praised the scheme.

NFU Technical Services Committee Chairman Marcus Themans said: “It was extremely helpful that these special arrangements were put in place to assist farmers under pressure because of a lack of fuel.

“Anyone who has used red diesel but has not yet applied for a special licence should do so immediately to avoid penalties.”

A Customs and Excise spokesman said it was difficult to give a breakdown on the number of farmers who took up the offer.

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