Regular scoring can boost cow margins

10 December 1998

Regular scoring can boost cow margins

CONDITION scoring at regular intervals can improve margins for dairy farmers by up to £40 per cow, claims nutritionist David Sutton of Volac International.

Mr Sutton claims condition scoring is an “under-utilised management tool” -used by just 5% of producers.

Colin Penny, the director of the Edinburgh-based Royal Dick Vet Colleges large animal practice, finds that whether cows are too fat or too thin can have extreme effects on fertility.

Dr Donald Lewis, a nutritionist with Davidsons Feeds, says correct dry cow management is important for the best yield.

He advocates splitting cows into two groups during the eight week dry period so that they can be managed accurately to reach the ideal condition score before calving.

The target condition score for cows when they calve is between 2.5 to 3 points.

  • The Herald 10/12/98 page 28

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