Resin coating keeps walls smoother

4 September 1998

Resin coating keeps walls smoother

PROTECT walls and improve hygiene by eliminating joints, fixing or cavities with Vertiglas Surfacing paint-on resin coating, says Lancs-based Agritect.

Vertiglas Surfacing is a four-layer paint-on application, including a hard glaze. It forms a laminated, seamless surface suitable for all applications where hygiene is important, for example milking parlours and tank rooms.

Highly impervious, resistant to abrasion, impact and a range of chemicals and solvents, Vertiglas Surfacing can be applied to existing surfaces including bare brickwork. It is available in a range of colours, with one type for smooth and one for rough surfaces. Cost is about £10/m sq (£1/ft sq) (01282-619601, fax 01282-611376).

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