RESULTS: Supreme Championship

26 September 1997

RESULTS: Supreme Championship

1 Frank Cashen with Jan; 2 Aled Owen with Roy; 3 Gwyn Jones with Sweep; 4 Michael Shearer with Bess; 5 David Brady with Craig; 6 M Price with Maid; 7 George Gardner with Jan; 8 Aled Owen with Dan; 9 Jack Chamberlain with Highgate Nell; 10 Clark Cutherbertson with Craig; 11 David Brady with Roy; 12 Neil McVicar with Jan; 13 Dai Jones with Mal; equal 14 Eric Barfoot with Dot and Bobby Dalziel with Jim.

Brace championship: 1 Thomas Longton with Sam and Tweed; Roddy MacDiarmid with Mirk and Lad.

Driving championship: Vic Morris with Mac.

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