Roller idea will suit stick-in-the-muds

22 December 2000

Roller idea will suit stick-in-the-muds

FED up with crumbler rollers which block in sticky conditions? Dutch inventor and machinery dealer, Nanno Evenhuis says he has the answer.

Last spring a farmer/contractor customer from his village of Giethoorn, asked him to find a way to keep the cage wheel crumbler roller on his seed drill clean.

Mr Evenhuiss solution was to place one cage roller inside the other. As the rollers rotated the bars of the inner roller pushed out sticky soil from between the bars of the outer crumbler.

He then took his idea one stage further. By mounting the axle of the inner roll on a cam, it was possible to position it so that the bars meshed with those on the outer roll in one of four positions: At ground level they provide extra compaction to the top few mm of soil.

Setting them to mesh at the top, cleans out clods and sticking soil, while meshing on either side of the vertical at ground level, consolidates the soil to the immediate front or rear of the roller to suit specific soil working operations.

The self-cleaning system adds about 75% to the weight of a standard cage roller. The 620mm (25in diameter, 3.12m-wide (10.2ft) prototype, designated the Duo Rol weighs 300kg (661lb). The price, at £2857, is also about 60% more than a standard crumbler. &#42

Self-cleaning crumbler rollers from Dutch machinery dealer, Nanno Evenhuis.

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