Rolling out cereals need not be noisy

20 November 1998

Rolling out cereals need not be noisy

ROLL winter cereals with minimum noise using Performant roller mills from Shropshire-based supplier Danagri-3S.

Available with 4kW or 5.5kW electric motors, the larger mill features a silence system which reduces noise to 10% below standard safety levels, says the company. These mills have an output of up to 1300kg/hour depending on feeds being rolled.

Direct drives to both rollers reduce power demand for milling, and mills have one smooth and one grooved roller wheel for better conditioning and flow of material from the 130-litre hopper, it adds.

Performant cereal mills will be launched at the Smithfield Show, costing £1850 and £2250 for the 4kW and 5.5kW mills, respectively (01746-762777, fax 01746-764777).

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