Rural women dispel stereotypes

9 October 2000

Rural women dispel stereotypes

By FWi staff

WOMEN could revive farming with a fresh perspective and youthful enthusiasm, reports The Guardian.

Farming women interviewed dispel the stereotype of a rosy-cheeked Ma Larkin figure responsible for baking, cooking and looking after children.

Instead women increasingly take leading roles in the industry.

The National Farmers Union South Weald branch has an all-female hierarchy, and they believe it is a good thing.

While men have grown dispirited and discouraged, the women bring new ideas and enthusiasm to the posts, says the newspaper.

Now they want to foster more co-operation between farms and hold more social events to boost morale.

The NFU is an organiser of World Rural Womens Day next Sunday (15 October).

A prayer will be said and regional NFU representatives will hold forums for female agricultural workers on business, training and innovation.

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