Safer, more efficient and faster than a forklift?

4 December 1998

Safer, more efficient and faster than a forklift?

"IT does everything a forklift truck can do – yet quicker and better," says JCB of its new Teletruk.

Aimed at growers who process and store crops, the machine features a two-stage telescopic boom which has its pivot point on the right-hand side at the rear.

It is an arrangement which maintains a low centre of balance and affords the operator a high degree of visibility, more so than a conventional forklift fitted with a front lift.

Lift capacity to a full height of 4.1m (13.6ft) is rated at 2.5t and, at maximum forward extension of 2.2m (7.4ft), lift capacity is 1t. More useful perhaps, is to know that the Teletruk can place a 1.5t pallet on the far side of a lorry bed.

Power is provided either by a 2.2 litre Perkins engine or, if specified, with an LPG engine. Transmission is basically hydrostatic, although JCB is at pains to point out that its action equals that of a torque converter. Clearly designed for on-concrete operation, drive is restricted to the front wheels only. Included in the Teletruks specification is the use of hose burst check valves, seat belts and a load monitor warning system. In terms of attachments, the line-up includes a sideshift carriage and a fork rotator to handle boxed crops such as potatoes. &#42

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