Scab injectable offered

21 August 1998

Scab injectable offered

SHEEP producers can now use a new injectable that offers advantages to flocks involved in a scab control programme.

Cydectin, with the active ingredient moxidectin, guarantees to protect sheep from scab infection for up to 28 days when dosed at correct levels. This makes it an effective alternative to routine autumn dipping for scab eradication.

Peter Bates, head of entomology at CVL, welcomes the extra choice this gives to flockmasters for controlling sheep scab and biting lice. "This will enable producers to return sheep to the same pastures as they were on previously without being reinfected. The guaranteed period of protection offers farmers a real alternative to autumn plunge dipping."

The scab mite is able to live for 17 days off the sheep – for instance, on fences – so 28 days activity will mean flocks are protected, he says.

But Alistair Greig, deputy head of SAC vet services, warns that like other injectibles the new product will not control chewing lice or prevent blowfly strike.

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