Scots launch paperwork service

16 May 2001

Scots launch paperwork service

By FWi staff

A NEW service to ensure that farmers paperwork is completed correctly and on time has been launched by National Farmers Union of Scotland.

NFU Assist aims to remove the burden of increased paperwork with ever-changing complex rules, and stiffer penalties for mistakes or missing deadlines.

Union president Jim Walker said: “NFU Assist will give farmers
peace of mind by doing all the administrative work needed to run a farm

Locally based technicians with laptop computers will visit client farms and ensure that statutory paperwork is submitted correctly and on time, he said.

The inclusive service will cover VAT and PAYE and forms such as those needed for IACS applications and all livestock and arable support schemes.

For a farm with a 75,000 turnover the service will cost 900 a year, or 75 a month. Farms with a turnover of 235,000 would pay 1,820 a year, about 150 a month.

Ed Rainy Brown, chief executive of the NFUS, said: “The launch of NFU
Assist is the most significant step forward in NFU Scotlands commitment
to provide a wider range of services to our members

In setting up NFU Assist as a separate commercial company, were expanding our role in directly assisting members with their businesses.”

An NFUS spokeswoman said it was hoped that 500 farmers would sign for the service in the first year.


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