Scots pig giant goes under

25 August 1998

Scots pig giant goes under

THE crisis in the UK pig industry turned into catastrophe yesterday following the collapse of Scotlands biggest producer.

Arthur Simmers, of Whiterashes in Aberdeenshire, managed a quarter of the national breeding herd – which translates to 18,000 pigs. The company is now in the hands of the receivers and there is a questionmark over the sale of the stock.

There is concern that pig prices will be driven through the floor if the receivers flood an already poor market with stock. Estimates from the Ministry of Agriculture make Simmers breeding herd equivalent to more than a fortnights sow throughput at all UK pig abattoirs.

Simmers was thought to have been close to a deal with Essex slaughterer and exporter Paul Cheale. Cheale Meats planned a phased purchase programme through which half of Simmers herd could have been sold.

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