Scottish island will appeal to the heart

31 August 2001

Scottish island will appeal to the heart

FPDSavills is offering the 3407 acre Isle of Gigha at over £3.85m.

The island, on the market for the fourth time in recent decades, lies off the west coast near the Mull of Kintyre, has a population of just 110 and features over 3100 acres of agricultural land. In-hand farms and seasonal grazing account for 1085 acres, while five let/partnership farms take up the rest.

There is also an abundance of residential property, including the 13-room Gigha Hotel, an eight-bedroomed principal dwelling and 30 estate cottages.

Edinburgh-based selling agent Neil Kay says the current owners are unwilling to publicise the income from the various enterprises but it would be available to interested parties.

He adds, however, that the island would most likely be a "purchase of the heart" rather than an investment-based decision.

Gigha may be of particular interest to gardeners because it is home to the world-renowned Achamore rhododendron gardens. &#42

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