Self-loading baler out

19 June 1998

Self-loading baler out

A ROUND bale unroller which can self load two bales up to 800kg in weight is now available from Ritchie Farm Equipment.

The trailed Offsider is equipped with rear-mounted rocking frame with forks which, when loading commences, are lowered to the floor. The trailer, with lowered forks, is then reversed into the bale. Once impaled, the bale is then lifted over the pivot point to rest on the fork carrier, which now acts as a platform.

This platform then tips so the bale ends up on the slatted Vee-bed which performs the unrolling process, and frees the forks to lift a second bale.

Once the netwrap or twine is removed the unwrapping process can start. Delivery is to either side of the trailer with the speed of the hydraulically powered slats adjustable to suit conditions. The slats themselves are fitted with tearout tines.

Power requirement for the Offsider, which carries a price tag of about £6000, is put at 45hp.

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