Setback in fight against TB in cattle

19 June 1998

Setback in fight against TB in cattle

ENGLAND and Wales are losing the war against tuberculosis (TB) in cattle, The Scotsman reports.

There were more than 500 confirmed cases in herds in England and Wales last year compared with five reported cases in Scotland over the past six years.

It says the UK runs the risk of losing its official TB-free status in the near future if something is not done.

The European Commission has updated its TB directive, to which members states must adhere, it will be implemented on 1 July. This is the date from which the UK may no longer be officially TB-free.

However Scotland, with its exceptionally low level of TB, could legitimately be made a separate TB-free region, the newspaper says.

  • The Scotsman 19/06/98 page 31

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