Share biotech benefits, urge boffins

12 July 2000

Share biotech benefits, urge boffins

A NEW report by a group of international scientists has urged the biotechnology industry to share its knowledge for the common good.

GM techniques should be harnessed to tackle the food crisis, by increasing yields, say seven international science academies including the Royal Society.

The new report, Transgenic Plants and World Agriculture, calls on governments to maintain publicly-funded research in the field, says The Times

The report says that GM technology could improve yields, develop pest resistance and create plants with additional nutrition.

It warns that 800 million people – 18% of the global population – do not have enough food and six million children under five die of malnutrition each year.

“We do not intend to indicate that it is the only solution to world hunger,” said Brian Heap, foreign secretary of the Royal Society.

“But it can make a significant contribution.”

Scientists from around the world have endorsed the potential of genetically modified crops to feed the world, reports The Daily Telegraph.

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