Sheep men warm to wool insulation

22 June 2000

Sheep men warm to wool insulation

HARD-PRESSED sheep farmers could find a new source of income by selling wool as “green” building insulation, reports the Financial Times.

Dark fibres which run through the fleece of breeds such as Swaledales, Herdwicks, and Black Welsh mean their wool is out of tune with fashions for pastel carpets.

But the British Wool Marketing Board says there is potential for wool insulation material, initially for lofts.

This environmentally friendly product would be more appealing to handle than glass fibre insulation material.

On Wednesday Richmondshire District Council in the Yorkshire Dales – home to 140,000 Swaledales – announced it was seeking a partner to set up a wool processing plant.

  • Financial Times 22/06/2000 page 4

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