11 September 1998



CANADIAN bull Shoremar James moves to fourth in the countrys Lifetime Profitability Index ranking with the addition of 20 daughters to his second proof.

A son of Grand, James now has a reliability of 75% and his converted proof shows 907kg of milk, +27.8kg (+0.00%) of protein, +1.5kg (-0.06%) of fat, and £104 ITEM.

Canadas top three sires remain Startmore Rudolph, Meadow Bridge Megabuck and Norrielake Cleitus Luke. A US-proven sire, Lutz-Meadows E Mandel, enters the LPI in fifth position. His proof is negative for feet and legs.

Two new Prelude sons also feature, with Duncan Progress offering the highest Canadian conformation score and £79 ITEM.

Canadian Top 5 by LPI


Startmore Rudolph 2090 94

Meadow Bridge

Megabuck 1887 104

Norrielake Cleitus Luke 1838 113

Shoremar James 1827 104

Lutz-Meadows E Mandel 1816 106

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