Silages in need of help this winter

By FWi Staff

Winter rations will need additional fine tuning if they can be expected to support good levels of milk production, according to a recent report.

ABN Ltd carried out a survey on over 400 silage samples, and concluded that silages are not as good as last years.

Results highlighted that as a rule first cut silages were too well fermented. Both energy and protein levels were lower than average and lactic acid concentrations were high.

In a year of continued pressure on milk and meat prices it is essential that farmers utilise home grown forage and cereals to the full. Molassed sugar beet feed (MSBF), known for its natural buffering capacity, can help farmers achieve this.

High in digestible fibre and sugars, the energy supplied by MSBF balances the energy from starch supplied by cereals and helps reduce acidity in the rumen.

Balanced rations lead to increased silage intakes which mean utilising home produced feeds to maximum benefit.

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