Slow trade in spud sector

Monday, 03 April, 2000

By FWi staff

TRADE continues to be very slow in the potato market, except for top quality material which is in strong demand.

Wet weather has prevented most plantings in recent days although some lifting has taken place in Cornwall in the past week, with product fetching 1.30/kg.

Bulk grade 1 King Edward are at 70-90/t reaching 160/t in the East, according to the British Potato Council in its weekly price report.

“Top quality Maris Piper are reaching up to 160/t, again in the east, but most are 40-70/t, up to 85/t for the best Estima.”

But despite these better values for quality material grade 2 samples have continued their downward trend with prices starting from as little as 8/t.

However, most are trading between 20-35/t.

The bag market continues to be oversupplied. Prices ranging from 30-80/t for King Edwards, 30-60/t for Cara with Maris Piper at 40-80/t. Best frying material is selling at over 70/t.

Demand for best quality material helped the BPC weekly ex farm GB price inch up to 61.40/t.

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